Maxilift Maxijib BL versions for compact vehicles

Would a compact crane be able to work in places that cannot be reached by larger equipment, and do it with high standard quality and performance?

Yes, it is possible through our telescopic cranes range Maxilift, in particular Maxijib versions.

Maxijib versions are dedicated to the vertical operations in narrow or open spaces with the highest level of flexibility !

The technical characteristics make Maxijib the undisputed leader in the segment: removable Jib unit, boom extensions with reduced clearance, compact lateral hose slides, Jib equipped crane can be folded back sideward the vehicle .

Additionally to all these features we have recently added to our range the ML380 with JIB – BL versions (side boom) suitable to be mounted on:

  • compact vehicles
  • vehicles with width up to 1.700 mm (model with 4 extensions)
  • vehicles with width up to 1.600 mm (new version with 2 extensions)

Please watch the video for more info!