Maxistab range innovations – new 4 EHA K and updates on 3 EHA and 5 EHA

Faithful to its philosophy of constant product innovation, NEXT HYDRAULICS announces the introduction of some important updates in the range of additional MAXISTAB stabilizers, with the aim of simplifying their operation and installation.

  • The mod. 4 EHA, one of the flagship of the MAXISTAB family, sees the introduction of the “K” system for fixing and adjusting the stabilizer cylinders beyond the standard supply positions. The K system, already in use for several years on the medium-small range, makes the stabilizer more versatile and suitable for different installations. It also simplifies the assembly and disassembly operations of the stabilizer cylinders during servicing.
  • The other models involved are 3 EHA and 5 EHA, on which some improvements, also common to the new 4 EHA, are adopted, aiming at simplifying stabilizers’ use and installation: new extension cylinders with smaller diameter, interchangeable with previous ones; replacement of automatic hooks securing the retracted rods with sequence valves on the extension cylinders, and much more.

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